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Your Own Private Jet

Your Own Private Jet

Are you a Frequent Business Flier?

If you are involved in a high corporate level company doing frequent business trips you a probably facing difficult times scheduling your business trips with commercial airliners and for most of us not showing up on time to close a business deal can be a big loss to business. Most frequent business flyers have at some time or the other wished they had their own jet and it’s not a bad idea, as you would not be subject to the airline’s timings and could jet around anywhere you wanted, whenever you wanted.

In fact the convenience of owning your own corporate jet could actually help you win your contracts by reaching your potential clients on time, every time, thus making up for the initial cost of your trip. In addition, you could charter your Corporate Jet to help keep the cost of maintenance and parking of the aircraft.

Advantages of Corporate Jet Owners

If your company flies over 200 hours annually owning your own Corporate Jet can save you a lot of Dollars. In addition to the huge savings, you will never be late to whatever types of occasion arises worldwide; your crews are on call 24/7 and can arrange your trip to suit your schedule making sure that you do not waste any time in airport lines for security check-ins.

Private Jet Interior Designs

Private jets are fitted out with every conceivable convenience from kitchens, washrooms and even sleeping areas and the interior can be designed to provide you the comfort and luxury to suit any ambience from VVIP to business and leisure time. You could install conference table, chairs phones, fax machines and even internet connection for business trips or to conduct meetings or maybe even change the interior design for your holiday trips.

Get Professional Advice before buying a Corporate Jet

The price of a corporate jet could be anything in the region of $500,000 to $80 million. In addition to the purchase price, you need to also look at recurring costs such as parking and storing charges, crew expenses and fuel and maintenance costs which usually work out to around 15% of the price of the aircraft. Just be sure that you get the right professional advice when you are buying your own corporate jet.

Owners of Corporate Jet will usually place their private Jets with aircraft management companies who take care of the paperwork, parking and maintenance as well as prepare flight trips to any destination in the world. The only thing you need to do is to call them when you want to fly somewhere.

There will be times when your aircraft could be parked at the hangar without use for “months” and this cost money, but with private charters in great demand you could offset your Parking & maintenance cost by signing up with companies that deal in Private Jet chartering & Management, and charter your Jet.

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