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Windowless Planes Coming Soon?

Windowless Planes Coming Soon?

What? An airplane with no windows?

That may seem like a ridiculous notion but believe it or not, that’s what in store for commercial airlines over the next few years.

Window seat or Aisle seat:

Air travelers can generally be divided into two categories

1. Those who fight for the window seat.
2. And those who prefer to get a seat as far away from the window as possible.

Depending on which category you fall under, you are going to either love or hate the news that future airplanes may do away with windows altogether.

The Benefits of a Windowless Aircraft?

Windows are heavy and they reduce an aircraft overall fuel efficiency. Simply replacing the windows with OLED screens helps to reduce the weight of the aircraft dramatically. These screens are lighter, thinner and more flexible as compared to conventional aircraft windows.

The idea is to reduce weight by replacing all windows with a lighter alternative fuel efficient material called the OLED screens. The less fuel it consumes means lower carbon dioxide emissions and a reduction in operating costs.

This means they will be able to build larger planes, weighting less than the current conventional aircraft thus creating more space for the comfort of the passengers. Let’s hope they don’t saturate it with seats, nevertheless the overall benefits are tremendous and almost make you wonder why nobody thought of this idea earlier.

What Does It Mean To The Air Traveler?

The cabin windows are being replaced by OLED screens that will line the interior walls completely.

The OLED screens will allow the passengers to be able to see much more of the sky than they could have ever imagined. Passengers will be able to see the sky around them through images that are captured by cameras positioned on the exterior of the plane.

Air travel enthusiasts are thrilled at the idea and just can’t wait to experience the thrill, but some nervous air travelers have their reservations about the additional exposure. But it won’t be as bad as it seems for the billions of altophobias in this world as the new google glass coming soon will help you find your comfort in another zone. “But that’s another story”.

Aerospace Windowless Aircraft – The Future Inspired by CPI
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