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Who Is The Dumb Bimbo Here?

Who Is The Dumb Bimbo Here?

The TSA staff who watches the baggage scanners at Newark airport are not really top-notch law enforcement officers, but anyone and everyone who works at an airport has to go though stringent security checks- maybe back 5 generations and only those with squeaky clean records can think of getting an airport security job. 

Take the case of a 20-year veteran airport security officer, Jerry Thomas who worked at the Newark Liberty International Airport.

The model employee

Thomas was a model employee who climbed the ranks and then went onto becoming a supervisor in charge of 30 guards. That was when he was arrested on an identity fraud charge. It turned out that Thomas’ real name was Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole and that the real Jerry Thomas had been murdered in 1992. That was when Oyewole stole Thomas’ identity and started working in Newark as a security guard. FJC Security Services had carried out a background check before he was hired and it primarily depended on fingerprint identification.

The almost perfect crime

Neither Thomas nor Oyewole had ever been fingerprinted in the past and the agency presumed that everything was on the level. Oyewole aced the state & federal background checks too and he even earned a few gold stars. He was finally arrested in 2012 but even then, his arrest could not even be attributed to the additional heightened security measures that had been set up at the airport after the 9/11 terrorist act. He was in fact caught after an anonymous tipster alerted the authorities in 2012.

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