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When Kids Fly Free On Budget Airlines

When Kids Fly Free On Budget Airlines

All those uniformed personnel you see at the airport have but one job to do- making sure that the airport is secure and that no one gets onto a plane without a ticket. But, there have been instances where some ingenious folk have pulled it off -like highly trained foreign agents who are able to probably fake ID’s and all of that. But would you believe it if someone told you that smart 11-year-olds could do it too?

All it takes is a smile

Well in 2012, that’s exactly what Liam Corcoran managed to accomplish. He had no ticket, no chaperone and no passport and he still managed to board a, Italy-bound flight at the Manchester Airport in England and flew all the way to the destination which was 1,000 miles away. How he breezed through security and eventually boarded the plane is anyone’s guess. He was smart but where had the smartness of the airport security gone? Did they simply get taken in by the cherubic 11-year-old’s smile and feel that it was not a security threat? 

A joke?

Liam’s little escapade came to light only when he started joking with his fellow passengers about what a thrill it was to run away from his home. Maybe watching too many movies does that to kids and he was impressed with the Home Alone 2 storyline. But what’s the excuse thatairport authorities are giving for the lapse in security? When he was eventually interrogated, he said that none of the security personnel asked him for a passport or even a ticket and that some had also smiled at him as he breezed through all the check-points.

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