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What Caused The American Airlines Flight 191 Crash in 1979?

What Caused The American Airlines Flight 191 Crash in 1979?

American Airlines Flight 191 Crash

The American Airlines Flight 191 crash on May 25, 1979, near O’Hare International Airport claimed 273 lives. It is the worst aviation accident on American soil. American Airlines DC-10 was heading to LA when the crash took place at the start of the Memorial Day weekend.

As the DC-10 aircraft was flying over the O’Hare International Airport on May 25, 1979, its left engine and Pylon assembly just fell off and the DC -10 rolled over in mid-air and then plunged straight down to the ground a mile from the main runway.

According to the news report in the Tribune newspaper, this aircraft “burst into a massive pillar of flame & smoke that could be seen up to 8 miles away”. The explosion was heard in all the surrounding areas and a rain of fire hit some spots. All the 270 people on board and 2 people on the ground were killed.

Worst Aviation disaster in the US history

US Officials say that the American Airlines Flight 191 Crash in 1979 is one of the worst aviation disaster in U.S. history, the death toll would have been higher, but fortunately, the plane missed crash- landing into a trailer park just north of the airport.

In the probe that followed the Flight 191 disaster, the NTSB found that the mechanics in Tulsa had actually taken a shortcut in removing engines from the DC-10 aircraft wing pylons during maintenance, 2 months prior to the crash. A crack formed in the pylon and in due course the wear & tear widened the crack until it broke and crashed.

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