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Using the Cloud to Monitor Planes in the Clouds

Using the Cloud to Monitor Planes in the Clouds

Uploading an aircraft’s flight data in real-time to the cloud while travelling over any remote areas might just prevent any future inexplicable disappearances of aircraft, say aviation experts, even as the Malaysian aircraft MH370 mystery continues.

Mark Rosenker, the former chairman of the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board proposed this idea. However, actual implementation will require a very complex technical solution that can be very expensive too.

Solution-Seeking Time

Rosenker said that the aviation industry should ideally have begun looking into various solutions to this problem soon after the Air France aircraft went missing in 2009, over the Atlantic. He said that this is the 2nd accident in 5 years where the authorities have had to go through a long wait to retrieve the black boxes. What is required is an upgrade in the concept of operations that are used in accident investigations. The technology too has to be upgraded and brought in-line with 21st century standards. His understanding is that it might be possible to upload a certain amount of black box data to the cloud. 

Being able to access information about the communication that was taking place between pilots who are in the cockpit and a certain amount of flight data will go a long way in helping investigators to locate any missing planes a little faster, in case they are out of radar reach. Constant aircraft tracking functionality should be at hand even as airliners are launching on-board broadband connectivity in the cabins.

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