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The Unbelievable Future of Aviation

The Unbelievable Future of Aviation

Most people who have watched the Transformer or Terminator movie series have admitted that it did cross their mind that the technology they just saw in the movies was too unreal to even try to imagine. Well, everyone who has had that thought is in for a nice surprise. The truth is, the technology used in these movies may not be that far from reality. If the scientists at BAE systems are to be believed, this kind of futuristic technology may be in use by 2040 or even earlier than that!

Aircraft Transformation

Here’s a peek into some of the technology that this agency is working on. First up is a Transformer aircraft that can split up into a number of small aircraft when it reaches its target. This means that the small aircraft will be joined together to give the Transformer a longer range and reduce the fuel and drag while flying. But when the transformer reaches its target, the small aircraft will separate and conduct different missions like attacking, surveillance etc.

Self-Healing Aircraft

Next up is a self-healing technology for aircraft. Yes, you heard it right. This technology is an adhesive that is extremely lightweight and contains carbon nanotubes that are released onto an aircraft whenever it suffers any damage. These nanotubes work to heal the aircraft in mid-flight.

Unmanned Fleets

And if your mind is still reeling from this information, here are some more interesting details for you to absorb. BAE Systems is even working on 3D printers that can create small flights which can fly unmanned! These flights will be operated by people on the ground, making it possible for armies to have a whole fleet of unmanned drones and other defense equipment in the sky without sacrificing any human life.

Coming Soon

So with all of these ambitious plans, don’t be surprised if your sci-fi movies start becoming a reality within the next few years.

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