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The Tale of the Haunted Suvarnabhumi Airport

The Tale of the Haunted Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok International Airport also known as Suvarnabhumi Airport has gained a certain notoriety for its numerous stories of suicides by Thai Airways staff and the resulting airport haunting incidents. Underscoring that fact is one more story that has been doing the rounds at the airport for a very long time. This story surrounds the possible haunting of a car – a dust laden Honda that has been parked in the parking lot at the airport for years now.

The Spirit of Red Fanta

The stories about this vehicle started on Pantip when a certain user posted the picture of this car. It was decked in joss sticks and flower garlands. The joss sticks had been dipped in the red colored drink- Red Fanta, which is popular in Thailand. The Thais believe that even the spirits favor this soft drink over others. Some people say that the license plate on the car has lucky digits and that a number of airport staff have won lotteries since the time the car was parked there. After much checking to find out who the car belongs to, the Airport Director has stated that a Pattaya-based car rental service, Udomdech Transport owns the car. It had been rented in 2012 March by a Pakistani tourist who never ended up returning it to the car company. Authorities believe that the foreigner misunderstood what he had paid for and thought that he was supposed to leave the car at the airport. Little did anyone realize that it would eventually become the center of another ghost story there. Although the airport authorities would like the rental company to claim their vehicle and take it off the parking lot, the problem is now cumulative parking fees are so high the rental company claims they cannot afford to pay it. Till the time that issue gets resolved, seems like the airports spirits can enjoy their home and the Red Fanta a little bit longer.

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