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Sleep-All-The-Way Airplane Seat

Sleep-All-The-Way Airplane Seat

Qantas Taking Action

Did you ever think you could board a plane and sleep all the way through till you landed? Most frequent fliers would say this is such a welcome idea but would find it hard to believe.

Almost all frequent business travelers complain about airplane seats being so uncomfortable they usually end up arriving at their destination tired and sleep-deprived.

For a long time, all airlines just ignored these complaints, but one airline has finally decided to surprise their frequent business fliers.

Qantas Airways has proposed installing a new kind of airplane seat and it looks like the business traveler who spends hours on planes might finally have some relief!

The Reclining Seat

Qantas Airways,the Australian airline company has now come up with a business class seat that allows business travelers to recline from the moment they board till the time they land.

All they are waiting for is for the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority to grant them the approvals and they are all set to introduce it on their flights.

The seat design was done by Thompson Aero Seating and it comes with a seatbelt very similar to seat belts used in cars.

An over-the-shoulder seatbelt is far more secure especially if the plane were to suddenly change its speed and it allows travelers to recline their seats to a 25° angle from the horizontal position even when the plane takes off and lands.

Available by the end of 2014

Qantas hopes to have the new seats introduced by the end of the year and is hoping that a year on, the seats will be available on all its flights.

The cost of manufacturing these special seats could cost about ten times as much the cost of manufacturing an economy seat, which means business travelers who want to avail of this facility can expect to pay a lot more too.

But even at that escalated cost, frequent business travelers might think it worthwhile if it allows them to catch up on some precious sleep on the flight.

Qantas unveils new business class seats that allow passengers to fully recline and sleep during TAK
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