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The Phantom 2 Vision Unmanned Aerial Toy

The Phantom 2 Vision Unmanned Aerial Toy

The Quadcopter Latest Buzz

DJI Innovations considered as a global leader in developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), has over 500 employees and operates in North America, Europe and Asia. Their largest market is in the USA. In 2013, DJI Innovations launched the unmanned aerial toy called the Phantom Quadcopter. This GPS-enabled quadcopter was sold for recreational use and became hot news around the world. And only just recently DJI Innovations released their latest unmanned aerial vehicle, creating a buzz around the world. The just released Phantom Vision 2 is an unmanned aerial vehicle built for commercial and recreational purposes.

Features of the Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter

The Phantom 2 Vision compared to its predecessor has been built with a longer life battery and a better video stabilizer. The 14 megapixel HD video camera is attached under the UAV and is held by four rubber plugs. The Video camera installed on the quadcopter can tilt up or down and has a shooting angle of up to 140 degrees. Video shots are recorded onto a MicroSD and can be viewed in real time and shared online by simply installing a custom application onto any iOS or Android device. The application has extra features to check altitude, speed and battery life. And finally the quadcopter landing gear consists of a pair of skid’s giving it a smoother landing.

Quadcopter easy to use and affordable

The Phantom series of quadcopters are affordable and relatively easy to use. They have become so popular amongst photographers that DJI Innovations are now focusing more on developing more advance UAVs and micro air vehicles (MAVs) for aerial video photography, aerial survey and surveillance roles.

Seeing the world in a different ways

It is fair to say that the quadcopter developed by DJI Innovations is taking the world of photography into the next generation, promising the world a new vision of the unexpected. So I would suggest to all the readers who value their privacy, to make sure that you pull the curtains over the window. And at the same time I guess we should all be happy that they still haven’t invented glasses that can see through walls. I will surely let you know if it happens in my lifetime.

Tested: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter Drone
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