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The MB-152 Digitally Recreated By Dassault

The MB-152 Digitally Recreated By Dassault

From the 17th- 19th Dec 2013, at the Dassault center situated in Saint-Cloud, near Paris, an exposition named the MB-152 le pioneer réinventé unveiled an exceptional project. The project had originally been initiated in 2010 by an association named Dassault Passion that had the backing of Dassault Aviation. This project had one goal- “retroconception” of the MB-152, in digital form. The MB-152 was the 1st fighters that were designed by Marcel Dassault and widely used during the Battle of France.

An Amazing Project

To date, not a single 550 MB-152 fighters that were built from 1938-1940 have survived and their original structural plans have also disappeared. The only thing that remains of these aircraft are some technical documents, photographs and some plane parts that are in pretty bad shape. Based on all these elements, an innovative Dassault team took the decision of retro-designing the aircraft. Dassault had given this project the nod but it was kept under wraps from the rest of the world.

The Retro-Conception Concept

There were no spare parts or plans that the team could work on. A maintenance manual that had been published in Jan 1940 was the main reference point of this project. It had very high-quality illustrations but hardly any measurements, but it proved to be a treasure-house of information that was reliable and accurate. Three years have passed since the project started and 90% of the outer structure is now ready, 50% of its primary structure has been recreated and 80% of geometric reference models are ready. This project is slated to be completed by 2015-end.

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