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The Lucky Dog Gets To Fly

The Lucky Dog Gets To Fly

Dogs can be trained and then they can be trained some more and Hollywood is now doing this in mega-style. At a Hollywood studio, dogs are prepared and trained for a calm and safe flight. They are run through training rounds like bumpy air and security checks. The Air Hollywood class is touted to be the 1st that has a real fuselage that is positioned on a sound stage and has a simulator that emulates takeoff, landing and turbulence.

The crowd and the chaos are created by Hollywood extras and the idea is to create a real-life scenario for these furry creatures that are oh-so-treasured by their celebrity owners. Props such as luggage carts are added for that realistic touch and so are blaring announcements. Talaat Captan is the President and the Chief Executive officer of Air Hollywood and this venture is his brainchild.

This is the largest aviation-themed movie studio in the world. The captain saw that a dog owner was facing a tough time with getting his pet through security at the airport. The dog was stressed and the owner, even more so. That incident planted the germ of an idea in Captan’s head and the pet-training idea was born.

Professionals were hired, a program created and instructors, animal coaches, animal psychologists and lifestyle coaches were all brought on board Air Hollywood. This is taking obedience school to the next level, and it makes a lot of sense as air travel is becoming a norm and pets are clocking a lot of air miles these days as they travel around the world with their owners. Of course, airlines charge a fee for cabin pets, but it goes without saying that a well-behaved and conditioned pet will be more welcome on board a flight than one that goes berserk every time a food trolley rolls by. A wise man rightly said – every dog has his day!

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