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The Largest Hybrid Aircraft- For a Greener World

The Largest Hybrid Aircraft- For a Greener World

Airlander, the largest aircraft to ever fly the skies, was unveiled at February end. The British creators of the aircraft said that they would be able to deliver up to 1,000 more of these, changing the way in which the planet responds to any global disasters. This massive airplane is 302 ft in length and is a part airship, part plane and helicopter and it sits in 1 of the 2 Cardington Hangars in Bedfordshire. It can stay up in the air for up to 3 weeks unmanned and can touch-down on land/sea. This massive aircraft is a creation of Hybrid Air Vehicles based in Cranfield.

The Benchmark

The Airlander is definitely the new benchmark in greener aircraft. Dickinson, Iron Maiden’s lead singer is a professional pilot and has co-funded the Airlander. He compares this £30 million aircraft to the Thunderbird 2 and also said that the day the Airlander was unveiled was a momentous day for the world of aviation. He said that this beautiful airplane, its scale and imagination is amazing. It is cutting-edge aviation and the world’s largest airplane has been created in a shed in Bedford. It’s definitely something to be proud about. The 1st HAV Airlander was initially going to be owned by the United States army.

Bigger than the Biggest

The plan was that the army would use it mainly in surveillance missions across Afghanistan. But, the budget cuts led to a cancellation in the plan. This was when the HAV stepped in and the Airlander was brought to life. This impressive airplane is approximately 60 ft longer than the Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus A380, which are the biggest airliners today. To date the Antonov An-225, which is a cargo-carrying plane was the longest aircraft to be built and the Airlander has beaten its length by almost 30 ft. It resembles an airship and is slated to be in the air by the beginning of 2015.

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