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The Hoax About The Hotelicopter – The World’s 1st Flying Hotel

The Hoax About The Hotelicopter – The World’s 1st Flying Hotel

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In March 2009, a story broke out about the ultra luxurious flying hotel, called the Hotelicopter. According to the report, the Hotelicopter was a 4 story converted heavy-lift aircraft that had 18 luxuriously appointed hotel-style rooms. It was modeled on the world’s largest helicopter that was ever built – the Soviet Mil V-12, of which only 2 prototypes had been made in the 1960s. The Hotelicopter was definitely a clever way to fly and it made its maiden flight on 26th June 2009.

Imagination & Innovation

Though the Hotelicopter’s computer generated images showed a great deal of imagination, its specified Maximum Take-off Weight of 10,5850kg was exactly the same as the original Mil V-12. This seemed a little far-fetched as the Hotelicopter has a complete 3 story luxury hotel built into it. The design that was outlined on the Hotelicopter site included its soundproofed rooms, each of which boasted of a queen sized bed and top of the line furnishing and accessories. No expense was spared to design and create rooms that were the epitome of luxury and opulence. The rooms are outfitted with a coffee machine and a mini-bar, wireless internet access, as well as all the other luxurious appointments that you would expect from any flying 5 star hotel. Room service had been promised too.

The original Russian Mil V-12 was an immense helicopter that undoubtedly dwarfed any other heavy-lift Helicopter that was in use at that time. Every one of its rotors had a diameter of almost 115 ft and was mounted at the extreme end of a very large wing. This effectively made the distance from the tip of each rotor-blade even wider than the wingspan of any Boeing 747.

While the news report had the whole world waiting to see it with bated breath, it turns out it was just an elaborate April Fool’s prank! There was in fact no Hotelicopter and what everybody was looking at were just simulated pictures.

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