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The DJI Phantom

The DJI Phantom

The DJI Phantom Will Drone Autonomously

Drones are now topping the list when it comes to grabbing media attention and the DJI Phantom is probably one of the best known consumer drones, somewhat in the manner that the go Pro Hero is the true hero of actioncams. Of course, the DJI Phantom has no claim to being the 1st drone or even the cheapest on the scene. However, it is definitely the most widely used one. But the one aspect that the Phantom has been lacking in, compared to its rivals, is the ability to actually fly on its own. But now, it will not lag on that count either.

Total Control

The Ground Station feature that has now been added to the current camera app on the Phantom provides this functionality too. Not very long ago, Ground Station had started out as a standalone app for iPads. The latest buzz is that it has now been added as a free Android Vision and iOS app. This has come as a boon for Phantom2 Vision users as they are now able to view video in real time and control the device right from the camera in the quadcopter, via the smartphone they are using.

The Plus Point

The Ground Station feature is now the absolute latest version of this particular app and users have the functionality of dragging up to 16 different pins on any map of the location that they are in. These pins indicate the GPS-waypoints that the copter will hit while it is in the air. The users also have the ability to set altitudes for every one of those points as well as the rate of speed at which the device will reach them. Once the programming has been completed and the Phantom has been activated, it will do so by itself and carry out the mission autonomously. This complete control functionality is a definite plus now.

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