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The Coldest Military Air Base in the World

The Coldest Military Air Base in the World

[frame src=”” width=”400″ lightbox=”on” align=”left”]The world has a number of military bases. Most exist in impenetrable bunkers and some of them are even built on dangerous mountaintops. The bases that exist on islands were population is scarce track unknown objects that exist in deep outer space, the probing of microbes that a extremely lethal are discovered in high-tech laboratories. The basic idea behind the design of a military base is to make sure that the immediate needs of the military are fulfilled. On the other hand they have to remain versatile to stand useful as threats.

The Challenges

The Thule Air Base in Qaasuitsup, Greenland is located less than 800 miles from the Arctic Circle. This makes it the northernmost United Stated military installation. Since this base located near the Arctic Circle it faces many weather-related challenges. This base can be accessed for a period of 3 months each year. Food Water and other supplies have to be transported during the summer. Even though the base could be frozen & isolated the 12th Space Warning Squadron uses an early warning system for the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at Thule. Space Surveillance Operations are handled by the 21st Space Wing.

The Unique Point
[frame src=”” width=”300″ lightbox=”on” align=”right”]So what makes this base unique? HNTB’s VP of federal architecture, Brad Schulz had worked at Thule on a dormitory replacement project. The crucial factor that has to be taken into account at this air base is to keep the air troops warm. The construction crews look for the most stable permafrost layers and the structure is built on them.

The Thule base is one of the coldest and toughest to reach military air bases in the world

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