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The Charm of Wood or Metal Plane Models

The Charm of Wood or Metal Plane Models

There used to be numerous toy makers that manufactured plane models and Aeromini, Arcade, Barclay, Avon, Budd L, Dinky, Dent, Ertl, Edison Giocatelli, Erie, Hubley, Gabriel, Goodee, Tootsie toy and Kenton are just some of the famous toy plane manufacturers. But they have all faded way and do not exist any longer.

However, the hobby of collecting toy planes or miniatures made of wood or metal is still going strong. Of course flying RC planes is a global hobby and many companies manufacture top-of-the-line RC planes. But wood or metal planes that have no flight are also avidly sought by collectors and they will go to great lengths to acquire the plane models they do not have.

The Attraction of Detail

Many online companies now sell realistically detailed and excellent quality metal diecast planes. They have a landing gear with the rubber tires on them and fan blades as well as nose-landing gear. Some model airplanes have moving control surfaces and very historically accurate markings. The jet fighters will have model-specific missiles with appropriate markings as well.

A Variety of Planes

Cast Iron plane models were all the rage around 7 decades ago but made way for slush cast or die cast models in 1930. These toys were extremely durable and some collectors have the most fascinating and realistic cast iron plane model from that era. There was also a time when pressed steel toy planes were manufactured by companies like Steelcraft, Boycraft and Marx.

Much later in the 20th century, tinplate or tin lithograph toy planes came into being and Japanese manufactures excelled at making these right through the 1950’s and 1970’s and Normura Toys, Ashi Toy Company were some of the most famous manufacturers of these planes. These toy planes hold a large amount of appeal and many current-day manufacturers replicate the designs and styling of the planes that were manufactured in yester years.

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