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The Bullet That Christmas Built

The Bullet That Christmas Built

It’s over a century since mankind 1st took to the skies in an engine powered aircraft. Over the years, there have been some designs have were exemplary in terms of far-sighted strengths. Some outstanding examples were the Supermarine Spitfire and the Douglas DC-3 Dakota. The Anglo-French Concorde supersonic airliner too cannot go without a mention. And then there is the Christmas Bullet. This intriguing aircraft was designed by the ingenious Dr William Whitney Christmas. Some aviation historians have called him the greatest charlatan whose name has been associated with an aircraft.The Christmas Bullet was truly a “revolutionary” aircraft- it was a prototype bi-plane fighter which has no struts supporting its wings. On the contrary, they were designed to flap like bird’s wings. Two prototypes were made and both were destroyed during their 1st flights. This was specifically because Dr Christmas’s so-called “breakthrough” design was totally incapable of flight and the wings would just twist-off the airframe at the 1st opportunity. This unique un-flyable aircraft had overlooked certain simple flight rules and thus met a crash-landing fate.

Other disastrous aircrafts

The Douglas TBD Devastator literally was a death trap. This aircraft could release its torpedo only in while flying in a straight line and when it was ambling along at 115mph. This made it very easy for enemies to take a shot at it. The Brewster Buffalo was equally short-lived and was literally shot down in droves at the start WWII when it had encountered Japanese fighters. But like they say- failures are the stepping stones to success and maybe the world is what is so technologically advanced today, also because someone failed.

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