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The Art of Making Paper Planes (Aerogami)

The Art of Making Paper Planes (Aerogami)

Paper is a craft that can be very relaxing and interesting at the same time. It’s about real art and skill. The beauty about Aerogami, if you can call it that is that it’s simple and all you need are some basic supplies. It can be fun to fly these planes around the house or even in open spaces. You can make various models, color and paint them, embellish them and have a ball. You can also have paper plane flying competitions with friends and you really don’t have to be a child to enjoy making these flying wonders and playing with them.

The Scientific Mind

It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci made the first paper plane but Origami has existed in many Asian countries for centuries and there is a distinct possibility that the first paper planes were made much before Da Vinci’s time although he may be credited with making the craft popular. Paper planes are not just used as toys. They glide right through the air and engineers and scientists can learn a lot about the basics of flight, aerodynamics and engineering from their flight patterns.

A notable fact is that NASA has also sent a paper plane right into space on one of its space shuttles to test its flight pattern. Scientists say that since there is no atmosphere in outer space, the paper plane would just float in a single straight line up until the time it collided with another object. The Wright Brothers had also used paper planes to test their flight-related theories.

The record breaker

On 28 February 2012, Joe Ayoob, a former college quarterback, set the world record for the longest paper plane flight. He threw his paper plane across a warehouse and set a record at 226’10” which broke the older record by 19’6″. But while big brains conduct all their research around these planes, why not you try your hand at them and have some fun?

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