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The Allure of Future Air Travel

The Allure of Future Air Travel

Fascinating High Tech Travel Options

The new aerospace technology in the aviation industry is manifesting itself at an awesome pace.

Not far into the future you will be able to whiz to work in your unmanned flying jet guided by a GPS System, most houses will have small landing strips on the roofs to park these jets. You will be able to fly to any part of the planet within the hour and take outer space trips.

This is not just a fantasy or a far-fetched idea. Many large tech conglomerates startups and individual entrepreneurs have been working hard at their design boards and creating futuristic aircraft that look fascinating with high tech travel options never seen before.

Amazing Aircraft

Here are some of the absolute futuristic aircraft that are worth a mention. Though some of them are not more than design concepts, some have already been tested and are set for production.

The Airbus Transparent Plane is scheduled for a 2050 completion. As its name suggests, it’s entirely transparent and the concept is exhilarating- almost like skydiving as you travel. A biometric scanner permits you entry through the transparent door and the seat auto-morphs and conforms to the shape of your body.

The Flying Saucer from Green Airways is the epitome of science fiction. Delft University of Technology’s Etnel Straatsma is in constant research and experimentation mode to build an eco-friendly aircraft that will bring down carbon emissions by 50 percent.

The Skylon is another example in time and this one is all set to hit the manufacturing line. It’s a surface to orbit plane with a life of more than 200 launches. Almost 90% of funding for the design of this aircraft has come from private corporations who believe in the potential of future travel.

The Excitement of the Future

The lists of futuristic aircraft on the drawing boards are endless. Brilliant Tech minds from around the world are conceptualizing futuristic aircraft that will make travelling more fun and exciting. Here are some of the latest aviation technology concepts.

Lockheed Martin SkyTug Hybrid Airship

QUEIA 2058 Concept Craft

DARPA Disc Rotor Helicopter


“This decade will definitely see some of these fascinating aircraft hit the skies”.

DARPA / Boeing DiscRotor
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