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The Airbus A380 Will Breathe Again

The Airbus A380 Will Breathe Again

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The latest news surrounding it is that a 50-jet order has come in to EADS for this aircraft from Dubai’s flagship carrier, Emirates Airline, at the recent Dubai Air Show. The order is notable as many airlines had almost cold-shouldered this particular aircraft, primarily due to its size. To date, Emirates is the biggest buyer of this humungous aircraft. It already has 39 in service and 101 are currently on order. The Mammoth That Got Sidelined Other large carriers like Air France-KLM and Lufthansa ignored the Airbus A380 and opted for much smaller aircraft and now even Virgin Atlantic Airways is saying that it will be reviewing whether it actually requires the 6, A380’s that it has ordered. It was just at the start of December 2013 that EADS, the Airbus parent company said that it has some open production-slots in 2015 for building this massive jet. Keeping the weak demand in perspective, the company is saying that it might have to slow down production. 

Emerging From Dark Clouds

It seems a little unfortunate that this stunning aircraft should meet this turbulence in sales. At the outset, the A380 had been marketed as a flying luxury palace. But that was over a decade ago and since the global financial crisis, luxurious air travel and copiously expensive aircraft were put on the back burner and the Airbus A380 had to languish in its hangars. 

The efficiency of the aircraft is taking a hit because it is currently flying at a lesser seat capacity. The company is also trying to standardize the seat-layout on the A380, which will make transferring the plane from one airline fleet to another, a simpler task. Maybe, with a few production and design tweaks and a bit of luck under its wings, the Airbus A380 will fly the skies in its full glory.

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