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The Absolute Latest in Air Travel Luxury

The Absolute Latest in Air Travel Luxury

Airline travel is becoming increasingly expensive with every passing day and aircraft carriers have to outdo themselves in terms of the amenities and comforts they provide flyers, just to ensure they keep flying with them.

Though all aircrafts manufactured by a particular aircraft manufacturer will have all the standard fittings, airline companies ask for customization and upgrades in the aircraft that are being supplied to the, or in ones they already own. That is the only way they can woo premium customers and make premium margins too. The Boeing 777 is one of the latest aircraft from this mammoth aircraft maker.

Customization Is Paramount

Cabin interiors are customized to match the theme which might be standardized according to the corporate colors. Many airlines offer wine sampling in First Class cabins and amenity kits are provided to Business and First Class travelers. Some airlines have fancy business class booths that are partly covered in translucent plastic that has very recently been approved to be used in aircraft. It’s perfect for the first class and business class pods.

The passenger has access to the environment that is on the other side of the divider but his/her privacy is maintained at all times. The translucent material also allows for interesting LED light-effects. Other airlines have fold-out child seats that are built into the main seat while some French carriers have bassinets that are attached to the bulkhead of the airplane.

And it’s not just the cabins that are being upgraded, the wash rooms are as well. Franke, the German company has an array of faucet options that can be fitted in airplanes. There are LED displays that indicate the water temperature and automatic sensors turn on the water. There are also thermostats and water heaters. Airline companies sure are going all out with attracting customers with all these fancy additions.

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