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The 3 Storey Sky Whale Phenomenon

The 3 Storey Sky Whale Phenomenon

Today, air travel is all about super luxury. Aircraft have all types of accommodations and amenities including smoking rooms and private suites. Oscar Viñals, a Barcelona-based designer and an aviation enthusiast has concocted a fantastic idea of a Sky Whale. The AWWA Sky Whale is a massive aircraft and is a sight to see. It has three stories with a wingspan of 88mtrs. The idea behind this fascinating aircraft is to change the course of air travel and promote everything green. It is specially designed to reduce noise and air pollution. The Sky Whale has the capacity to hold upto 755 passengers on 3 separate floors.

The unique design

The plane has been designed with a unique hybrid-turbo-electric propulsion system that contains 4 immense electric-fuel engines. Each one of these can rotate upto 45° for take-off and during landing. This design is all set to change the face of current day air travel. It has 3 decks and tilting Harrier-styled jets. Called the Sky Whale, this concept airplane it slated to be larger than the Airbus A380, looks like a spacecraft and will also have ‘self-healing’ wings that can repair themselves.

A classy aircraft

This aircraft will split passengers into 3 classes, each will have their own deck, sort of like a modern version of the strict divisions that the Titanic had. Those who have seen this aircraft describe it more like something out of a transformer movie and it seems like it has emerged right out of a Sci-Fi film. Its tilting engines will make it possible for the impressive Sky Whale to take-off on the spot and it will not need a runway like the present-day planes do. As per the plans, in case of crash-landing, the passenger section will break-off from the wings which is intended to save lives.

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