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Super Rich Flying Toys

Super Rich Flying Toys

What the Super Rich Are Buying

While flying first class, buying diamonds or owing the latest car model might seem like splurging for the “regular” rich, these kinds of purchases are passé for the super rich.

For them, these are things they’d buy with their pocket change.

So what do the wealthy buy when they want to splurge? Think expensive- outrageously expensive! They want the best, they want the unique and they are prepared to pay for it, price is no bar.

Take a look at these two extravagant flying toys that belong to two famous personalities.

Necker Nymph

Richard Branson’s Underwater Plane

He has everything – a phone company, an airline, a record company and even his own island! But Richard Branson is always looking for more and four years ago, he revealed the Necker Nymph to the world.

Built using fighter jet technology this underwater plane could go right down in the water to 130 feet. It looks like something between a submarine and a jet plane and can carry two people together with a pilot on a two-hour trip.

It can be driven with a joystick and can glide over water as well as go down into the water.
This extravagant toy is only for the use of private guests at Necker Island, the luxury island owned by the Virgin boss himself.

Red Bull Founder 1.7 Million Underwater Plane

Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz followed suit in 2013 with a $1.7 million underwater plane – the Deep Flight Super Falcon.

This plane can go down to 1600 feet under water and unlike a submarine motion that goes straight down, this under plane uses wings to fly down in the water.

According to Graham Hawkes, the marine engineer from London who designed the Deep Flight Super Falcon, underwater planes such as these are what billionaires are looking at these days.

It’s not surprising. When you have the money and already own top of the line vehicles, you need something exotic and exclusive and underwater planes definitely fit the bill perfectly.

Richard Branson’s Necker Nymph
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