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Strike One For The F-35 Strike Fighter

Strike One For The F-35 Strike Fighter

The latest in aviation news is that now Lockheed Martin’s mile-long assembly line located in Ft. Worth, in Texas, is assembling a peerless jet-fighter. This F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will now be smarter, stealthier, more capable & more flexible than any aircraft that has ever been built. Reports have it that its cost is around $1B. Lockheed Martin’s VP of the F-35’s integration & business development, Steve O’Bryan said that it is a flying computer. As far as software and technology is concerned, the F-35 will have the greatest flexibility. This aspect is all-important for the aircraft that the United States military & its allies are banking on very heavily.

Very High Hopes

The expectation is that this fantastic aircraft will be the backbone of the U.S air defenses for the next 50 years. O’Bryan added that the future will bring more F-35’s that operate UAVs. Today, a lot hinges on the success of the Joint Strike Fighter. To date, a hundred jets have been constructed and they are currently being tested by the U.S military. The 1st combat-ready airplane is scheduled to be delivered in 2015. The plan is that over time, there will be in excess of 2,400 of these highly-advanced aircraft flying for the military, with its allies buying hundreds more.

The F-35 has many firsts to its credit. It will be the 1st fighter jet to be structured from composite material and it consolidates amazing amounts information onto just a couple of screens loaded the cockpit…or even onto the inside of the visor of the helmet that the pilot is using.

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