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Strange, Stranger, Strangest Flight Stories

Strange, Stranger, Strangest Flight Stories

Hilarious incidents take place on commercial airliners and there are innumerable funny stories about passengers, flight attendants and airport staff doing oddest things. Here are a few strange incidents.

A Toilet Seat Is No Seat For A Passenger

In a weird incident a man had to spend an entire flight from San Diego to JFK seated in a toilet. As there were no seats available, the man was told that he couldn’t get on that flight. A flight attendant’s jump seat was then offered to him and he agreed to be seated there. An hour and a half later, the flight attendant came to reclaim the jump seat and for the rest of the flight he was made to sit in the bathroom. He ended up suing the airline. 

Praying For Luck

Another odd incident took place on a United Airlines flight from New York JFK to San Francisco. As the United Airlines airplane was about to takeoff, a Jewish man began saying his prayers in the aisle and refused to go back to his seat despite several requests. The man’s friend explained to the flight attendants that it would not take him more than two minutes. They refused to grant him that additional time as he was delaying the flight and the security personnel escorted him off, which eventually took more than two minutes.

Sweet Dreams

In an extremely strange and rare case, an airplane at Nice Airport in France had no other option than to circle for more than half an hour. The pilot had tried to communicate with the controller for landing permission. Apparently, the air traffic controller nodded off which left the plane well on a flight of fancy. The cargo plane came to no harm and airport authorities did carry out an investigation but no action was taken. And so, funny, strange and odd things will keep on happening in the world of aviation.

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