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Stop Droning-On About It

Stop Droning-On About It

Whenever Unmanned Arial Vehicle enthusiasts come together for a convention or any other business meeting, they are wary of dropping the “D-Words”. Today autonomous aircraft have gained a lot of coverage for executing lethal strikes in various locations across the world. There have also been cases in which civilians have been killed. Now, those involved in the drone business are making every effort to shake of that unsavory reputation that they have got. The very first step in that direction is to discontinue using the word “drone”.

The Hostile Connection

The logic behind dropping the drone word is that average people and even informed and intelligent individuals think of hostility and military in the same thought when they hear the word drone. They are also probably thinking “weaponized”, autonomous and large. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems’ president, Michael Toscano said that when the word drone is uttered, 80% of the people are thinking of a predatory device and one that will harm and that is wrong. 

Inappropriate Usage?

Very recently, the FAA gave its nod for the first 2 commercial Unmanned Arial Vehicle applications and they are slated to begin flying towards March-end. But these are going to be used only for environmental purposes. Despite this, they might not be able to break the stigma that is attached to them. Unmanned flyingvehicles are going to be a very crucial tool in the future and the idea is that the negative connotation be shrug off completely. The important thing to understand is that they are systems and that there are human beings that man these systems remotely. That is what makes the word “drone”, inappropriate.

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