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Smallest Autopilot in the World

Smallest Autopilot in the World

Pocket Size Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs producers are trying to beat and create all sorts of world record: A new challenge is on the way to create the smallest Autopilot in existence in order to control a Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) that can fit into your pocket. “Another pouch on ya belt” Mobile, Camera and now MAV Holder!

TU Delft is showing the way in developing the smallest UAV ever possible. Led by the project head Bart Remes, the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering team has gone hypothetical small when it comes to producing tiny autopilots for Micro Aerial Vehicles.

Micro Aerial Vehicles

What the research team at this Micro Aerial Vehicle Lab wants to do is to build Micro Aerial Vehicles or MAVs which are really small and could comfortably be put into your pocket. Add to this a very small autopilot system and it means that what you have is a system that is small and light to carry. Its weight is only 0.07 oz or a mere 1.9 g. It was a team challenge to fit it all into one board, and after putting it all together, the prototype achieved its given task. Time for entrepreneurs to start making MAV pouches.

The team wants UAVs to be in use everywhere and to be like the cell phone. Remes says that the software will be shared on an open source platform and he hopes that there will be applications that will make it popular.

Making it Common

What the tiny autopilot has done is to make the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle a lot more efficient. Because the autopilot is small and light, the UAV can carry heavier weights like sensors and better quality cameras and fly for longer periods of time to catch the unexpected!

The system is called Lisa/S and the team is looking at applications like firefighting, where drones mean that a lot more human lives can be saved. Right now, it’s difficult to implement these ideas because of the rules that are currently in force.

LisaS on quad and Heli
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