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Sikorsky’s King Stallion Set Free

Sikorsky’s King Stallion Set Free

In 5 May, Sikorsky Aircraft introduced the CH-53K. This is the future heavy-lift helicopter of the United States’ Marine Corps. The aircraft was moved out of the facility in West Palm Beach, Fla. According to the company, this largely composite helicopter which is dubbed the “King Stallion” is ready to take to the skies by the end of 2014 and its operational service is expected to begin in 2019. Mick Maurer, the president of Sikorsky said that the rollout of this CH-53K helicopter now introduces an entirely new era in the Marine Corps aviation space.

The Massive Machine

This clean-sheet CH-53K will very effectively triple the external-load carrying capacity of the CH-53E helicopter, to over 27,000 pounds in a mission radius that covers 110 nautical miles. With its maximum gross weight of 88,000 pounds, lightweight composite structure, powerful new engines, fly-by-wire flight controls, and new rotor blades, the CH-53K will now have the means to move equipment and troops from ship to shore, to higher altitude terrain, much more quickly & effectively than ever before. In addition, three 7,500 ship General Electric Aviation T408 engines provide this helicopter power and offer 57% more hp and 20% lower specific-fuel consumption compared to the CH-53E’s GET64 turbo-shaft. To convert this extra engine power into torque & shaft horsepower within a very similarly sized main gearbox, the company developed an entirely new transmission system.The power is transferred to the most technologically advanced and the largest main rotor blade that has ever been produced by Sikorsky. It measures an impressive 35ft in span length & almost 3ft in chord width.

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