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Remote Air-Fighting Comes Of Age

Remote Air-Fighting Comes Of Age

The United States Air Force and Boeing Aerospace & Defense Corporation have announced that they have now successfully completed the conversion of a retired F-16 into a modern drone. Now, it will be possible for fighter jets to fly at supersonic speeds, land, as well as operate normally without actually having a pilot on board. Boeing announced that the modified versions of this F-16 Fighting Falcon will now operate as a QF-16 Full-Scale Aerial Target that will be used in various training practices by the Air Force.

The Falcon takes off

Recently, two Air Force pilots controlled the 1st successful flight that was carried out from the ground station located at the Tydall Air Force Base in Florida. The maiden flight of the F-16 Fighting Falcon took off from the runway as usual and also completed an entire series of complex simulated air maneuvers over the Gulf of Mexico. During these maneuvers, they surpassed the speed of sound & landed safely too. The commanders at the base said that it was a little different to see the plane with no pilot in it but the flight was excellent, all the way around.

It is a perfect replication of different real world and current situations & the aircraft platforms that they can shoot as targets. Now they have a highly sustainable, 9 G capable, aerial target. The Air Force has also maintained that this QF-16s will be used only in their training exercises whenever pilots are completing any dogfight-simulations in the air.

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