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PAL-V One: The Flying Car

PAL-V One: The Flying Car

The Flying Car

Almost everyone has wondered at least once in their lives, whether they would live to see cars that can fly. It started with cartoon cars and slowly moved into movies. And now, this flying car dream has finally become a reality. Who knows, maybe we will all get a chance to take a drive in the atmosphere someday.

Brilliant Technology

The hybrid flying car, called PAL-V One, is made from completely brilliant technology that allows the car to drive on the ground as well as fly in the air. The car comes with three wheels (one at the front and two rear wheels) and it seats two people. Even though this may seem like a normal two-seater car on the ground, PAL-V One has a hidden transformation capability that allows it to turn into a gyroplane.

Ready For Take Off

Design of PAL-V One

PAL-V is actually the name of the Dutch company that has designed this vehicle. The vehicle comes attached with two rotors. One is fixed on the top of the vehicle while the other is fixed at the back. The first one is used to move the vehicle in front while the second is used in order to lift the vehicle. These two rotors enable the car to move forward as well as get lifted into the air.

The First Flight

Flying High At 1,200 Meters

PAL-V One was brought into reality in 2012, after numerous years of testing by the company. The great part about this car is that it flies at a height of around 1200 meters. This means that it does not interfere with any of the air traffic and won’t cause any unnecessary and unpleasant accidents with passing planes!

So what will you need to be able to drive and fly this car? You will have to possess a Sports Pilot License if you are flying it in USA or a Recreational or Private Pilot License for flying it in the UK.

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