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Only Richard Branson Would Do This!

Only Richard Branson Would Do This!

Passengers on an Air Asia flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur were in for a rare treat when they were served in-flight by none other than Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines. The Virgin boss played his stewardess role to the hilt, in complete uniform and make up. What’s more, according to those who were at the receiving end of the service, he made an excellent stewardess. So what exactly happened and how did this come about?We have to backtrack a bit to get to the whole story. Seems like, way back in 2010 Richard Branson and Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandez bet each other that their respective teams in the Grand Prix Formula One would beat the other. The person who lost would serve as an in-flight stewardess on a flight on the winner’s airline.

To Branson’s bad luck, Fernandez’s Lotus team placed two higher than Virgin and Branson lost the bet. Though this may have been cause for embarrassment to anybody else, to the Virgin owner, this was just another opportunity to show the world what a super sport he can be. In fact Branson went all out and dressed up as an Air Asia female flight attendant. He wore a red skirt and jacket ensemble with a white shirt and red ballerina pumps, which is their in-flight uniform. Not just that – he went all the way and shaved his legs and wore fishnet stockings, lipstick and complete eye makeup. The only thing he stopped short of doing was shaving off his beard and mustache. All in all a pretty amusing picture. No passenger on that Air Asia flight is going to forget this for a long time.

Everyone knows that Branson could never resist a challenge and especially one as audacious as this. Of course, he also couldn’t resist getting his own back one way or the other. He got back at Fernandez by tipping a whole tray of drinks on the Air Asia CEO’s lap during the flight!

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