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Only Flying Matters to Matt – The Youngest Solo Flier to Traverse the Globe

Only Flying Matters to Matt – The Youngest Solo Flier to Traverse the Globe

Young people look forward to the end of their school year. Many take this as a chance to break the standard routine indulge in different activities. Some take up a summer job or learn something new while those who are really very fortunate do a bit of traveling and see a little more of the world. This is definitely the case for Matt Guthmiler the adventurous 19 year old. He has a very simple plan and wants to see most of the world by himself.

Just a Summer Fantasy

This rising MIT sophomore is set to take-off in his single engined Beechcraft Bonanza from San Diego, California and head east & he will just keep going and going. He has but one goal and that is to be the youngest pilot to fly solo across the world. Matt Guthmiller trained as a pilot at the Hanscom Field in Bedford. He said it was just one of those things that he had always wanted to do while he was growing up. He always played various flight simulator games and wanted to go and eat at the airport cafe while he is watching planes take off and land.

A few years back over a summer weekend, he got really bored and thought of getting a pilot’s license once he was 17 years old. That’s the time when he talked his parents into permitting him to go out and do a little introduction to flying. They would never have dreamt that now, three years down the line, he might just be the youngest pilot to fly solo around the globe.

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