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Of Model Toys and Aircraft Passion

Of Model Toys and Aircraft Passion

It takes Boeing 50 days to build a 777. Luca Iaconi-Stewart is also a Boeing-builder, but it’s taken him 5 years to build one. That’s right, Iaconi- Stewart from San Francisco built his 1:60-scale jet-liner with manila folders and glue. So, it’s a paper plane is what you are thinking and what’s so special about that? Well, it might be a model, but it’s almost as complex and detailed as the real thing- right down to the aircraft’s retractable landing gear. The fact is Iaconi-Stewart is crazy about airplanes. He used to make massing models of Manila paper in his architecture class in high school and there’s no double that is probably where the idea and the passion stemmed from.

The Beauty of Detailing

Luca Iaconi-Stewart chanced upon an ultra-detailed diagram of an Air India 777-300ER on the Internet and soon he could be seen drawing various versions of the model on Adobe Illustrator. He printed them straight onto Manila paper and then got to work with his super sharp and precise X-Acto knife. Iaconi-Stewart says that there was something immensely rewarding about replicating an aircraft in such a non-traditional medium. An entire summer was dedicated to crafting and assembling the seats.

The Bigger, the Better

It took him 20 mins to build an economy seat, 4 to 6 hours to craft a business class one and 8 hours to build a 1st class aircraft seat for his manila paper 777 model aircraft. Every little detail of the aircraft is accurate and the aircraft also has little overhead compartments that open and close and video screen on the back of every seat. He said that the tail was a toughie and that he had to rebuild it 3 times to get it right. The 777 is not complete yet but it will be within the next couple of months and then the next step for Luca is building a model that is even bigger and grander than this one.

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