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Now Furniture from Aircraft Parts?

Now Furniture from Aircraft Parts?

Jazz Aviation is now collaborating with Creative Group Interiors, a Toronto-based design firm, to raise funds for a special charity. Aisan Ahmadi is the principle designer at Creative Group Interiors. He has taken aircraft parts of retired airplanes from numerous Jazz airplanes and transformed these unlikely pieces into unique designer furniture. These innovative pieces will be auctioned-off at the Toronto Interior Design Show and the proceeds will go to charity. This project was turned into a reality by 3 Points Aviation. The company is a supplier & manufacturer of specialized aircraft parts and was instrumental in bringing Jazz and Ahmadi together. 

The proceeds

Jazz will donate 50% of the sale proceeds to the Chisholm Services for Children run by Nova Scotia. Creative Group Interiors will be donating their proceeds to ONEXONE. Some of the unique pieces are truly ingenious in design. There is a table that has been structured out of engine parts. There is also a bar that has been crafted from a plane galley and an aircraft wing has now been transformed into a stunning desk. These pieces will be displayed exclusively at the mentioned Interior Design Show.

Ingenious designs

A lot of sturdy and durable materials go into the making of aircraft and they are also finished to perfection. Once an aircraft is retired, some of the parts may be used as spares but a larger portion of it is recycled and used elsewhere. Making something as functional as furniture out of these aircraft parts is truly a stroke of genius and it takes a lot of creativity to come up with a concept such as this and create unique and beautiful pieces. To top it all, the fact that the proceeds are going to charity makes this effort all the more commendable and noteworthy. Kudos to Jazz and Ahmadi !

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