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Nextant’s New Aircraft: The 400XTi

Nextant’s New Aircraft: The 400XTi

What’s New about the 400XTi?

The 400XTi manages to club together all the great features from its predecessor models while including some completely new and innovative features as well.

It has retained the classy flat-floor design along with the squared oval cross-section. It has an almost transcontinental range of 3,710km and also has a bigger and quieter cabin as compared to that of the earlier models. The cabin has an interior shell along with an acoustic insulation package. This makes the cabin one of the best offer. Besides this, the auto-throttle feature is a great way to save fuel and it also helps to cut down the workload of the pilot of the jet aircraft.

Led Light and Raked Winglets

On the outside of the aircraft, LED lights and new raked winglets have been added, making the aircraft look even more stylish. But besides the style statement, these features also help to reduce drag of the aircraft.

As for the passenger features, there are a number of different seating arrangements that can be chosen. The most popular arrangement continues to be the three-place divan plus four-place club seat arrangement. Even this arrangement has been improved to give you the best possible amount of leg room between the club seats. Even the lavatories have seen some improvement. An extra four inches of privacy have been included into the lavatory.

Unmatched Comfort

Nextant has always been known to deliver in all areas of performance, comfort and style. And with the new 400XTi, this company is all set to take over the business jet market thanks to the spectacular performance, great looks, better fuel efficiency and unmatched comfort for pilots and passengers.

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