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Mysterious Disappearing Acts

Mysterious Disappearing Acts

More than ten days into the hunt for Flight MH 370, there is still no sign of it at all – no plane, no debris, absolutely nothing. The Flight MH 370 was aMalaysian airline that went missing a short while after it left Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am in March 2014. This automatically brings aviation security under scrutiny. But aviation has had its fair share of unsolved missingaircraft mysteries. Here are two of the more intriguing incidents that involved mysteriously missing aircrafts.

The Amelia Earhart Disappearance

Amelia Earhart, the 1st woman to fly the Atlantic on a solo flight, disappeared on 2nd July 1937. She disappeared while she was trying to circumnavigate the globe, solo. To date, her disappearance and that of the piston-engined Lockheed Model 10E Electra that she was flying, is a mystery. It was suspected that the plane went down somewhere in the central Pacific in the vicinity of Howland Island, which is almost half-way between the Hawaiian islands and Australia. While many think that she ran out of fuel and the plane crashed into the ocean, the other theory that has been doing the rounds since then is that she was a spy of then US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’ and that the Japanese knew about this and captured her.

The Disappearance of Flight 19

Another unexplained disappearance is that of the Flight 19 Navy bombers. Not one, but 5 Navy bombers disappeared off the coast of Florida, in the Bermuda Triangle, on 5 Dec 1945. One of the planes was being piloted by a flight instructor and the others had qualified pilots who had 350-400 hours of flight time. No clue was unearthed and to add to the mystery, the aircraft that was sent in search of Flight 19 also went missing.

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