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Most Outrageous Marketing Stunts by Airlines

Most Outrageous Marketing Stunts by Airlines

Airline Companies Marketing Strategies

As the competition in the skies gets fiercer, more and more airlines resort to all kinds of publicity stunts in an attempt to grab the attention of potential passengers. These stunts may range from funny to controversial and they often achieve the objective of making people sit up and notice the airline companies. But some stunts have been a lot more outrageous than others. Here are some of the top stunts that have been adopted by airline companies to get into the public eye.

The Bikini Show of VietJetAir

This outrageous stunt is definitely one of the biggest stunts that have been pulled off by an airline company. In fact, this stunt got so huge that the airline company was even fined $1,000 for the stunt. VietJetAir conducted a dancing bikini show on a flight to the surprise of the passengers. The video of this stunt went completely viral and people talked about it for ages. A few people did get offended by the stunt and complained, but most wrote it off as harmless and fun and said they enjoyed the show.

The BA Joke by Virgin Airlines

British Airways seized the opportunity to make a big statement by sponsoring a Ferris wheel in London. However, when the structure refused to stand erect, Virgin Airlines made the most of their slip up and got a blimp to hover about the site with a sign that said ‘BA can’t get it up.’

Raunchy Marketing by Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines took the raunchy but memorable route when they came up with slogans like “Return of the MILF: Many Islands Low Fares”.

The Park Bench by Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic made a statement when they took over a park bench in the middle of Manhattan. When people sat down at this bench, they were given 5-star treatment. They were greeted by attendants and even given a theatre performance.

The Flash Mob by Delta

Flash mobs have become common publicity stunts. But Delta Airlines managed to perform flawless flash mobs right from Atlanta to New York, making them very popular all over.

Vietnam Airline Fined $1000 Dollars for Bikini Show UNCUT
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