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Boeing Micro-Missile That Defeats Electronic Targets

Boeing Micro-Missile That Defeats Electronic Targets

The Boeing Micro-Missile Carrier

Defeating Electronic Targets

Advancement in warfare is growing at such a rapid rate that it is getting to be very difficult to keep up with. What is today classified as complete fiction can become a reality in the near future. And with the recent missile that was tested out by Boeing, technology could soon be at a stage where humans will not be required to take part in warfares.

Electronics High-powered Advanced Missile

The missile, commonly known as CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project) has been designed so that it specifically targets electronic gadget. Meaning that the missile will only aim to destroy a particular electronic gadget, without any collateral damage. This invention is a huge step towards saving hundreds of human lives during times of war.

The Champ in Action

Testing of CHAMP

The Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project was first tested by Boeing Phantom along with members of the AFRL. CHAMP targeted a row of personal computers that had been set-up and switched on for testing inside the second floor of a building. After approaching the building, CHAMP successfully managed to switch off all the electrical systems in that building.

Successful mission fried computers

In fact, it was so accurate that even cameras that had been set up in the testing unit for recording the results had been turned off. On seeing the dark computer screens, the entire team of electronic engineers that were monitoring the experiment from a conference room erupted in cheers.

How will this technology help?

CHAMP will prove to be very useful for military personnel engaged in shutting down the enemy electronic system. Not only will it give the military a great advantage over the enemy, but by being able to shut down the electrical system of the aggressors in this world could be a little safer. And the sooner that this product is introduced into the market, the sooner this world will be able to engage in non-lethal warfare.

Boeing Champ Missile Demo

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