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King Air 350i State of the Art Technology

King Air 350i State of the Art Technology

Adapting to Change

Global warming, increasing fuel costs and numerous other problems, along with the pressure to get the most luxury from a plane, can together be very difficult. But the King Air 350i has managed to conquer all this. This aircraft built by Beechcraft is truly a modern day aircraft equipped with the latest technology and the best comfort features to give every passenger a luxurious ride. But what really makes this plane stand out is the whole go-green concept that has been taken to a new level altogether.

Packed with Latest Aviation Technology

The King Air 350i is built for strength, performance, comfort, speed, and lower fuel cost giving the operator a huge advantage over its competitors. King Air 3150i equipped with the latest Technology, the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21&#8482 integrated avionics suite and three 8 inch by 10 inch LCD screens for digital communications, navigation and surveillance the King Air 350i has become the choice of every pilot.

Its fuel-efficiency is unmatched, able to cover 2500 miles with a full tank of 775 US Gallon of fuel, a ratio of 3.2 miles per US Gallon. The fuel efficiency is so good that the cost per seat-per mile works out to less than a single engine turboprop plane, even though the 350i is a twin-engine turboprop. The King Air 350i operates effortlessly at high altitudes and can ascend to 2,730 feet per minute at a maximum weight capacity. It’s tough frame and landing gear allows it to take off and land from major airports to short gravel runways that are less than 3,000 feet.

Interiors of the King Air 350i

The King Air 350i comes with plush interiors. It can seat up to 9 passengers and provides ample storage space for their baggage. The new cabin design is the most luxurious and comfortable cabin in its class till date. The Venue Cabin Management System used makes every flight entertaining and relaxing while the Flex cabin system allows the passenger to configure the entire atmosphere to work or play, depending on the need of the hour.

Beechcraft King Air 350i Showcase Video
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