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Is In-Flight Mobile Use All Set To Be Approved?

Is In-Flight Mobile Use All Set To Be Approved?

Air travelers often find that being unable to make calls while travelling by air is restrictive and inconvenient and most are itching to make that call they feel they just “have” to make right there and then. In December 2013, the FCC voted on moving forward a plan via which airlines will be allowed to permit passengers to make use of their mobile phones in flight. The FCC approved the proposed rulemaking notice but the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that on its part, it will start a proceeding to ban all in flight voice calls. So what happens now? Will you finally be able to make calls while on an aircraft or not?

Airlines, travelers and flight attendants are all voicing concerns and various political factions are also raising the red flag around the idea of phone calls being made by passengers on board an aircraft. The DOT will ascertain whether it is fair to consumers. On the other hand, the FCC will determine whether the interference from these in-flight mobile devices will affect existing mobile networks in any way. The regulatory body said that it will not be a free-for-all where loud conversations will rent the inside of an aircraft.

The DOT said that airlines will have to keep a tight rein on the mobile services they permit and interference eliminating equipment will have to be installed on aircraft that permit mobile use. Not many would like their fellow-passengers yapping away on their phone while they were trying to catch some shut-eye on a long-haul flight. Since 1991, the FCC has banned in-flight mobile use. The primary concern was that mobile networks that operate on the ground will be affected in an adverse manner.

Today, things have changed and the launch of new technology also means that it is possible to install certain specialized onboard systems that will overstep that interference. Now, with the FCC opening up to the idea of restarting mobile use on aircraft, passengers might just be able to get back on their mobile devices when they are flying with certain airlines.

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