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In-Flight Roaming and All That Jazz

In-Flight Roaming and All That Jazz

Boeing has now delivered its 1st B747-8 outfitted with Aeromobile technology. This aircraft has been entirely line-fitted with the latest AeroMobile in-flight mobile service. This aircraft flew from Seattle-Frankfurt on February 6 2014 on its delivery flight and the landmark delivery was received by Lufthansa, the largest airline in Europe. It now opens up the path for future B747-8s that will be outfitted with AeroMobile connectivity. The airline has confirmed that it will roll out mobile connectivity across the entire long-haul fleet of more than 100 aircraft in the year 2014.

Go Roaming

Aeromobile is the aviation industry’s registered mobile service provider. It provides airline passengers with the mobile network that can be used for roaming In-flight. The company has inked roaming agreements with over 240 mobile phone operators across the world. Lufthansa has nineteen B747-8’s slated to enter the fleet. Of these, 9 aircraft have been delivered and they will be retro-fitted in the current year. Once Lufthansa has all the aircraft, it will be the largest B747-8-fitted fleet on the planet. The aircraft has the capacity to carry 362 passengers and is the longest passenger airliner in the world. 

Full Connectivity

In addition to AeroMobile connectivity all of these B747-8 will also have Fly-Net offerings of Wi-Fi, Live TV and Mobile. To date, 2 aircraft types have received clearance to be line-fit with AeroMobile at Boeing. It is not at all surprising to hear that airlines now want to offer the best and the latest in connectivity to in-flight passengers, as consumers expect 24/7 access via communication devices. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction translates into additional revenue. Competition is fierce in the aviation space and even the biggest airlines do not want to leave anything to chance.

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