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HondaJet Honda HA-420 in the Market

HondaJet Honda HA-420 in the Market

FAA Approves HondaJet Airworthiness

Honda announced that the US Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the airworthiness certificate for the HA-420 was approved on December 8, 2015 and on December 23, 2015 Honda delivered the first customer aircraft at its world headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. The HondaJets are expected to be priced around $4.5M US (£2.67M).

This announcement was only recently made by Honda at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland. This cool machine is spacious, quiet and can cruises at an average of 483 mph (777 km/h).

HondaJet Key Innovation

It is in the true sense of the word; this will be the new sports car of the skies. This highly innovative, light business jet is designed to carry 6-7 people.

One of the key innovations that HondaJet has brought to this very special jet is an “over-the-wing” engine mount, versus majority of small jets that have their engines mounted at the back. As per its creators, it is definitely a breakthrough in aeronautics engineering and is the culmination of over 2 decades of extensive R&D.

The Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

In addition to Natural Laminar Flow technology, its over-the-wing engine mount also provides category-leading advancements such as noise reduction, a more spacious cabin as well as increased fuel efficiency. Once its factory at Greensboro touches full production schedules, Honda Aircraft Company plans on producing and selling 70 -100 jets annually. Get ready to see the hi-flyers cruising around in their HondaJets.

HondaJet – To Be Commercialized To the Public Sector
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