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Honda Tests Most Advanced Light Jet

Honda Tests Most Advanced Light Jet

Honda’s Advanced Light Jet

Can you imagine a jet that travels at 645km/h (348 knots) at an altitude of 15,500 feet? The latest Honda Aircraft recently underwent a series of speed tests and it managed to achieve this impressive speed during the test run that lasted for 84 minutes.

This jet took its test run in Greensboro, North Carolina and was piloted by Warren Gould. It was such a long-awaited event that over 1000 employees of Honda Aircraft were present when the flight finally finished its course and touched down smoothly. Before taking off, the aircraft underwent a thorough checkup to ensure that there were no snags and it was good to go. The checkups included a minute inspection of the high speed and low speed handling, the brake system and the speed brakes as well as all the major avionics systems in the flight. The aircraft was cleared for flight only after every component was given the green light.

Considering its successful pilot flight, this HondaJet is expected to gain a Federal Aviation Administration certification in no time, after which it will then be offered to the market. The jet is already offered for sale in Europe as well as in North America. The test run helped to take the jet to the next stage of achieving certification. So we can expect that countries will soon own this super jet made by Honda.

Specifications of the HondaJet

The flight has a seating capacity for five people. Honda uses a patented Over-The-Wing Engine Mount design and it also has a composite fuselage. Claimed to be the fastest ever Jet till date in its class, the aircraft is very spacious and extremely fuel efficient for the speed and distance that it travels. It has a range of 1357 miles. Honda has managed to show the world highly advanced production and engineering techniques through this light jet.

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