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Getting Your Meals ‘On The Fly’ At Yo Sushi

Getting Your Meals ‘On The Fly’ At Yo Sushi

Unmanned Aircraft delivering Rice Burger

Who would have thought that one day drones were going to be a part of our restaurant experience?

As part of the promotion of their new rice burger, Yo Sushi Restaurant in London has for the past few months been delivering the rice burger to its customers with the help of a UAV.

The system is operated with an iPad and the food tray or the iTray as it is called, is guided by waiters to the customer who ordered it.

Yo Sushi iTray Quadcopter

For now Yo Sushi customers can enjoy this unique experience only at their Soho outlet, but they plan to take it across the country soon and have a flying service at all of their outlets. What a novel way to serve food!

The Yo Burger goes to the customers on top of the Quadcopter which is really a small, light unmanned aircraft. Its movement is controlled via an iPad and thanks to cameras fitted onto the UAV the staff knows exactly which order has been delivered.

This unique way to deliver the rice burger also emphasizes its lightness and lack of too many calories. These UAVs can be modified so they can carry heavier items too, including beer and pizza.

Many of the UAVs are made to carry food across longer distances and are used more as delivery resources. This one however is an attraction during a dining experience and maybe that’s what makes it special.

Flying Food

So it might be seen as a gimmick, but it sure is a great way to attract attention and makes a person’s dining experience memorable.

The one thing you have to watch out for is the possibility of an accident happening. If the staff are not well trained to maneuver the ‘flying trays’ accidents will be inevitable.

Having a UAV brush past you while being controlled by a waiter who cannot maintain perfect control is not the best feeling in the world.

YO! Sushi: The world’s first flying waiter – the ‘iTray’
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