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Funny Things Happen On and Around Planes

Funny Things Happen On and Around Planes

There is no dearth of the quirky and the funny in this world and it is truly said that different folks have different strokes and that’s what makes the world such an interesting place to live in. Well, having said that there are some crazy people that do the craziest things when they are travelling by air. Just take a look at some of the funniest incidents that have occurred on and around planes:

Smile awhile

One incident involved a psychic whose head got hit by some luggage and she actually threatened to sue that airline as she said that the injury had now affected her inherent psychic abilities.

In another very strange case, a woman attempted to store her small child in one of the overhead bins and those around her didn’t really seem to mind.

One particular passenger had to be informed that the blankets on airplanes don’t generally have neck and arm holes.

The Funny Bunnies

It’s not just passengers who can be the ones that create a riot. Some announcements on flights can really get you rolling in the aisles with laughter.

Here are some interesting announcements that were reported:

“Thank you for flying with Delta Business Express. We hope you’ve enjoyed giving us business as much as we have loved taking you for a ride”. While the announcement was not far off the mark, it must have definitely left the airline red in the face.

On a certain Southwest flight that had no assigned seating, passengers could sit wherever they liked. Many seemed to be having a tough time trying to pick a seat. The exasperated flight attendant announced “People, we’re not really picking out any furniture here, please find a seat and be seated!”.

Well, it’s true, the funniest things can happen in and around airplanes, so enjoy the ride even as you glide.

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