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Flying on a Light Note

Flying on a Light Note

Well, here are some airlines that make passengers smile even before they have actually gotten aboard the aircraft. That’s because they have some characteristics that can tickle your funny bone and then some more. Read on for a little bit of fun.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet- Most people who set eyes on this aircraft don’t even believe that this is a real plane. But it is in fact quite a popular Asian airline. The planes have these cute Hello Kitty characters and so do the ticket kiosks. Think pink- think Hello Kitty.

Germanwings – the Airbus A320’s that Germanwings has in its fleet are yellow-tailed and look like raccoons. In reality, it’s supposed to represent Berlin’s official animal- the bear. No matter which way you look at it- it’s unbearably funny.

Bearskin Airlines- If you are thinking- what’s it with airlines and bears, well- this one is an eye-catcher. Bearskin Airline planes have bear-clawed logos on them and it carries the logo “Let the Bear take you there”.

Hooters Air- For all those who are thinking what they are thinking, you are thinking right! Hooters, the restaurant chain joined the restaurant business in 2003 but is now defunct. This airline had a 3 year run across airports in the Bahamas and the United States. Two in-flight attendants in Hooters uniforms used to be on every plane along with the conventionally attired crews. Operating an airline is serious business, but there is no reason why one can’t conduct that business with a smile is what these airlines believe.

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