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Flying Humvee gets to Prototype Stage

Flying Humvee gets to Prototype Stage

Flying Humvee Project

People have been waiting for a flying car for over a century now, but this generation may just be lucky enough to actually see this become a reality. And it may happen much sooner than expected.

According to DARPA, Lockheed Martin and AAI are both working on prototypes of flying cars that may be ready for testing in mid-2015. Commonly referred to as the Flying Humvee Project, these companies aim to have cars that will actually be able to take flight. They have already managed to get to Phase 2 of this Transformer mission by making a feasible design of the cars.

Facing New Challenges

There will definitely be a number of challenges when these companies get to Phase 3 for their projects. The Flying Humvee will have to be a sturdy vehicle, both on the road and off the road. Besides this, it will also need to be able to make a fast and smooth transition into a vehicle that will be capable of vertical take-off and landing.

Another big challenge is to enable this vehicle to be driven by any driver who simply holds a driving license. These daily drivers should be able to maneuver the vehicle right from driving on land to smoothly taking the car into the air and back to land. In all likelihood they will have to learn how to operate a computerized system if they want to be able to fly the vehicle.

Balancing the Weight

There are also a lot of issues to be sorted out with the car itself. It will have to be light enough for easy take-off using its own power. But at the same time, the car will have to have some kind of power plant as well as wings or propellers. These will just add more weight to the car. The car will also need a lot of space for the extra equipment.

But DARPA remains positive about the Flying Humvee. According to them, they have feasible designs for the car and they are hoping to get some results within the next few years.

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