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Flying High on Rage

Flying High on Rage

Airlines are not strangers to rage letters from irate passengers and there are numerous examples of furious passengers giving airlines a piece of their mind. But one recent letter from an infuriated passenger to an Australian takes the cake. Rich Wisken, the passenger, wrote on a certain blog that he had ended up shelling out an additional $A25 for a supposedly more comfortable exit row seat. He was hoping that his flight from Perth to Sydney would be a tad more comfortable than a standard economy seat. Apparently his ordeal started as soon as his co-passenger accommodated the seat next to his.

The Ordeal

The overtly obese man sitting next to him was (in Wisken’s words), `as large as an infant hippopotamus and smelled like a Mumbai slum and blue cheese’. He added in his note that he felt like a `fleshy boulder’ was pinning him to his seat. All the other seats on the aircraft were occupied which left him with no choice but to retreat to his fate. He wrote that he made his way back to the Star Wars creature “Jabba the Hut” and was wedged in with cellulite and side-boob for the rest of the flight. Fuming after his 4 hour ordeal, he penned a letter to Jetstar, the airline which is a Qantas subsidiary.

An Even Worse Deal

Even before he could recuperate from the cellulite squeeze horror, 2 days later, his flight to Melbourne with the same airline was cancelled and the rescheduled flight met the same fate. On the 3rd attempt, there was a 2 hour delay in his flightJetstar must have been amused with his furious but funny letter. Nevertheless, they mailed him an $A100 voucher to compensate him for his ordeal, reported Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. Just goes to show that there are some things that an extra $A25 just can’t buy!

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