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Flying Cars on the Horizon

Flying Cars on the Horizon

Cars will fly before the 21st century fades out and it looks like nothing is going to change that fact. Innovative aircraft and car designers across the globe have been busy designing and creating prototypes of cars that will fly. And very frankly, it’s the need of the hour. Three and four tier freeways that almost touch the skies are being constructed and somehow, it just seems like the age of flying cars is not too far off on the horizon. The need definitely exist and the it’s just a matter of time

The TF_X and more

Terrafugia, from the U.S is all set to launch a vehicle that has wings that fold up vertically up the sides of the flying car. The only thing clipping the Terrafugia’s wings right now are some regulations and maybe the fact that it needs to bring on board a more powerful battery, and the U.S will have a super luxury flying sedan.

The Pal-V is the Dutch design 3-wheeled tilting motorcycle vehicle that morphs into a gyrocopter and can take off like a little aircraft. In 2013 October, the Aeromobil Version 2.5, designed by Stefan Klein from the Slovak Republic made its 1st flight. This flying car had been 20 years in the making and has a stunning design with wings that fold up gracefully. It sports a streamline cockpit, is super light and has sleek tail-fins that lend it balance when it is in the air. It is essentially an automobile that also operates as a propeller-driven aircraft.

Fly Fancy Free

What is interesting is that no pilot license will be required to operate these flying-mobiles. Just a few hours of training and you can be on your way. There are many other wonderful vehicles that are being designed to fly but there are numerous hurdles that will have to be navigated as well. Weather-sensitive activity is one of the issues that will have to be tackled but then if you do encounter rough weather while you are in the air, all you have to do is fold your wings and drive instead!

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